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Traditional 4x6" Drawing
Traditional 4x6 Points Commission - Khodta by Carbon-Vanilla
Digital 4x6 Points Commission - TheCoyoteFeather by Carbon-Vanilla
This is a traditional 4x6" sketched and inked drawing of one character... simple or detailed backgrounds are included!
You know you want one! Come on... :meow:

Please provide...
● Visual references of your character (descriptions are not accepted). +
● A pose reference or allow me to create a random pose for your character. +
● Choose the background theme or allow me to create one for your character. +
Links Preferred +


When you go to conventions, what are the items you usually bring back with you? 

4 deviants said Artwork (comics, illustrations, photo's, paintings, craft items, etc.)
2 deviants said I have something else in mind... (please tell me, it's important.)
1 deviant said Stationary (note pads, calendars, magnets, stickers, etc.)
No deviants said Drinkware (coffee mugs, shot glasses, water bottles, coasters, bottle openers, etc.)
No deviants said Eletronic Accessories (cellphone cases, tablet cases, usb drives, etc.)
No deviants said Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, key chains, money clips, etc.)
No deviants said Office Supplies (mouse pads, paper weights, letter openers, etc.)


Sep 19, 2014
6:15 am
Sep 18, 2014
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Sep 16, 2014
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Sep 13, 2014
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Sep 13, 2014
11:49 am

Handling Life (update 8)

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 11:25 AM

Handling Life *sigh*
Update 9/18/14
Sorry about the inactivity people, I've got my hands tied with life. I haven't been drawing detailed pictures lately, the drive just isn't there at the moment, but I have been sketching out sword fighting poses I would like to try on my characters; you can thank Sword Art Online (SAO) for that bit of inspiration. Without a computer, I cannot work on digital artwork which makes drawing a little easier. I'm gonna have to learn how to color traditionally for a while.

Check out what I've been listening to! :evillaugh:


● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Camping Last Weekend
Update 9/9/14
Sorry that I wasn't around last weekend, I was out with friends camping at The Promised Land State Park Camping Grounds. We were on Pickerel Point for all of the weekend and we had a good time just hanging around. We even went hiking on the Burley Inlet Trail! It was a easy hiking trip, at least I thought so. We were suppose to get off the trail at Snow Shanty but that part of the trail of over grown by vegetation and most of us were unwilling or concerned about traveling down that trail and getting lost. We already got lost trying to find the trail in the first place! I think it was a good call that Bucky and most of the older youth decided to push on to the end of the Burley Inlet Trail; when we got back to the camp site... we were all very tired, so it was a good experience! I should have brought water for myself and other people but I didn't think the trail was that long. Still had a good time walking and taking in the forest. If I still had my mountain bike, I would have loved riding that trail... there were a fair amount of hills and rocky sections.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners were made on site by everyone and they were all good fulfilling meals; especially the burgers, sausages, corn on the cobs and egg plant slices! The burgers were especially good the day after; even though some of the campers were worried about getting sick from eating day old burgers, I haven't gotten sick at all since then. You guys should have eaten burgers with us... they were still very good! Thank you Karl and everyone who lent a hand preparing them!!

We went to the beach too, it wasn't what I imagined it to be like (i.e. Ocean City). There were stones in the sand and even under the water which made walking and moving around somewhat uncomfortable. Didn't matter cause we were all having fun. Yes, I did go into the water but I wasn't in the mood for swimming so I just walked around in it throwing the disk (Frisbee) or football around. Still had a good time even though I didn't verbalize or show it on my face. I've been told by someone before that I'm a hard person to talk to, and their right; I am a hard person to talk to! Especially with the straight face I usually hold but, you should know that I always have a good time with you guys even though I'm not as open to expressing my feelings; so don't feel bad if I don't show as much enthusiasm as the other people usually do.  I'm smiling and laughing underneath that serious face your all seeing. :D

We all slept in tents, the guys slept in two, 2-3 person tents with a tarp joining them together.  The girls slept in one tent together, two other families and friends slept in their own tents! The only drawback I felt about camping in the tents was the fact that ALL the camp grounds were covered with gravel! Even with the sleeping mats it was mostly an uncomfortable sleeping experience. Some people were really smart and brought their air-mattress', but for some of us it was mostly an uncomfortable experience. Next time we come to The Promised Land I'm bringing a Push-Broom to move those annoying stones out of the way! Also, metal stakes/heavy-duty nails and a construction hammer, because we could not nail down some of the tents because of the rocky floor; we broke a rubber mallet trying to secure the plastic anchors and bent a few of the metal stakes!

Over all, I had a great time and I can't wait for next years Late Spring camping trip! I hope you all had just as much fun as I did.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera to take pictures of the scenery and events we did... still had fun none the less!

Here are some links to help show you where we were...………

Check out what I've been listening to! :evillaugh:


● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

On Hold
Update 9/2/14
Well the Restoration Project of my neighbors appartment is on hold until all the cabinets, doors and various other parts come in. I'm gonna ask my grandfather if I can work with him at his business for a little bit or unless he wants to keep me until I can find a permanent employment some place. I'll keep you guys updated with any changes if they come around.

Check out what I've been listening to! Just turn up the stereo and BLAST that bass!! :evillaugh:

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Restoration Project!
Update 8/22/14
Welp, I'm on my way to getting that new PC... I can now knock a hundred dollars off from the $852 total. I'm helping a neighbor to restore their apartment and he's paying me $13.12 an hour!! If I keep working with him till his apartment is fully restored I may be able to buy my new PC and then some before the end of next month! Oh, I almost forgot! I got my HDD Enclosure yesterday and I spent the majority of last night sifting through it, saving my stuff on my fathers PC... then re-formated my HDD to work as my External HDD and I didn't have to pay a lot for it either! When I get my PC, I'll finish the requests I promised and then I start SERIOUSLY taking in commissions!

I'll keep you guys updated with any changes if they come around.

Check out what I've been listening to! Just turn up the stereo and BLAST that bass!! :evillaugh:

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Into the Fray
Update 8/16/14
I just read my email and I was accepted to the Salvation Army Health and Fitness Center, I just have to go in sometime today to get my "sign-in volunteer ID card" and I can came an go when ever! Awesome, I reviewed the pay and it's above minimum wage, wow; pretty close to $10 and hour ($9.12 for those who are REALLY curious and have to know) XD. I have been conversing with ChaserTech about my computer options and with his help, I've ironed it out to a semi-budget friendly PC setup. I went back to CyberpowerPC and adjusted a Gamer Xtreme 1000… for $852; I did a little more research on gaming PC's and these thing can handle some pretty wicked games off the bat. Even more so with a higher quality and more expensive PC setup!

It's a Saturday morning still but, I'll might as well work today so I'll read all your lovely comments later this evening!

Check out what I've been listening to! Just turn up the stereo and BLAST that bass!! :evillaugh:

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Reviews and Plans
Update 8/13/14
I called the Volunteer HR at the Salvation Army fitness center and they're reviewing my resume and application for a position within the kitchen as well as for volunteer openings. I'm gonna have to call my grandfather to see if i can work with him at his contractor business for a while.

Meanwhile, I've been looking online at desktops and I'm starting to notice a big difference in performance between home computers and workstations. There's no way around it, I'm gonna need a workstation and these things are not cheap; the lowest price for a custom workstation that I've managed to configure is about $1k and that's just the computer tower! It does not include the other hardware (i.e. monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound system, internal wireless systems) and software (i.e. photoshop, microsoft home premium suite, Windows 7) stuff. I'm gonna order the enclosure tonight with the help of my sister. I also looked at the NEW Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) and the setup is interesting. So no more out of date software everything is upgraded with new subscriptions by monthly or annually ($240 for single apps or $599.88 for the complete set) depending on the plan; not bad for the new system... there are even perks too!  

Anyway you guys aren't gonna see any digital art from me for a while *sad-face*.

I think I'm gonna work on getting an inexpensive laptop to gather, use and learn from reference material and just to enjoy personal entertainment. Then work on getting the workstation that's independent without internet access; that way I can keep my mind focused on the work instead of being distracted from stuff on the internet. I also need to get in the habit of saving my stuff on an external hard drive that way, when the computer crashes on me again, nothing is lost.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

A Little bit of Good News
Update 8/12/14
So there's a little bit of good news, First... I won't have to go to staples to PAY those guys to transfer the data that's on my dead laptop onto a new computer. Thanks to ChaserTech, I learned about these Hard Drive Enclosures and what they can do. I've been looking at a few models on TigerDirect and I'm thinking about getting this one... link. I wish I knew about these sooner, I would have saved myself the embarrassment of those computer tech guys looking through my personal files from my last data transfer. I worked at Staples for a while and these guys are jerks in their office space. Anyway, a big thank you to Chaser, man I had no idea these things existed!! Thanks for much!

Second bit of good news, I may have a chance at finding volunteer work at a local Salvation Army Health/Fitness Center, by car it's about a 15 minute drive but, since I don't have a car (yet) I'll have to ride my bicycle... and knowing from experience, it could take me anywhere from 20-30 minutes to get there. I don't mind the distance, I need to strengthen my lower body anyway. Honestly, I would feel more comfortable working in the kitchen because I've had past experience for two years working as a waiter and cook. Both jobs are hard, especially being a cook staring over all that food and having to let it go *sniffles* to hungry mouths. Best part, my aunt works in the same building as well as a family friend who just so happens to be the chef of the kitchen there! If my aunt can pull some strings for me there and I do get the chance to volunteer my time and eventually get a job there as well... I would be very happy. I'll be calling their Volunteer Human Resource Manager, Steve, tomorrow to see if there are openings.

Cross yours fingers guys!  I've messed up plenty of times on my first job... I've since learned from those mistakes and they WILL NOT be happening again. I still want to continue to pursue my artistic career though and because of those past mistakes, I'll be handling everything differently if and when I get a job.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

I think my laptop finally died on me.
I went to bed yesterday and turn off my computer, I guess sometime while I was asleep it decided to turn on and stay on up until I woke up today.

I figure because it was on for a long time the heat built up and burned something on the inside... the screen does not work.
Aside from my laptop not working a bigger problem... ALL my current work and artwork was on it and now I can't get them out!

This means all request artwork, all personal artwork, and personal stuff is now locked away.
I basically can't do anything now! The only reason I'm able to tell you guys this is by borrowing my fathers laptop.

I'm gonna have to use the money I have saved up for a new computer, NO MORE LAPTOPS! Sure their portable but I've learned that they can't handle really big projects, have poor color graphics and computing power is limited.
MAAAN, this sucks!

A little bit of good news, I guess... all the stuff in my laptop is new, almost none of my past artwork is on it.

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